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Roof cleaning shouldn't damage your roof. With the proper moss removal solutions and attention to detail, roof demossing will save you money from future repair costs. Contact our team today, we provide thorough house roof cleaning services for Abbotsford!

roof demossing in Abbotsford BC
roof demossing in Abbotsford BC



If your roof is shaded and has overhanging trees or branches, then you are most likely experiencing roof moss if you live in Abbotsford. Since Abbotsford BC is relatively close to the coast, moss growth on roofs is a common problem. Moss thrives in moist, dark areas and grows with moisture and organic debris. If left untreated, it can be extremely heavy and cause extensive damage to your roofing system.

Luckily there's a solution. Ken’s Metal Roofing provides thorough roof moss removal and roof washing services for homes all over British Columbia. Whether you have an asphalt shingle roof, a standing seam steel roof, or a cedar shake roof, our moss removal experts can remove moss, algae and lichen growth and restore your roofing system.


Leaving moss on your roof will eventually lead to expensive repairs for your roofing system. It's best to fix the problem before it grows.

Avoid Early Roof Replacement

A mossy roof can even reduce your roof life by up to 50%. When moss is allowed to grow in the crevasses of a roof, it traps moisture. Roof moss can be especially damaging to your roof in freezing climates due to the freezing, thawing, and expansion of the water in the moss.

Save Yourself From A Leaky Roof

Mosses have the ability to damage roof shingles and other materials, and if allowed to grow, they can widen cracks, causing serious problems and leaking. The costs of repairing a roof far outweigh those of demossing.

Restore Your Roof's Appearance

If your roof is covered in moss and you want it to look new again, there is no better way than to use roof moss killer to restore it to its original beauty. Keep in mind that the longer moss remains on your roof, the more damage it can cause. It is critical to remove it as soon as possible to avoid future problems.


Contact us today with all your roof demossing questions. We would be happy to hear from you.

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When is the best time of year to remove moss from a roof?

Roof moss should be treated while it is actively growing. Moss grows slowly in the summer, but it explodes during fall rains, mild winters, and early spring. Treating right before peak fall rains is perfect timing for roof moss treatments.

We work all throughout Abbotsford - Chilliwack, Mission, Clayburn, Lower Sumas, McMillan, Mill Lake, Clearbrook, Townline Hill, and other nearby communities. We would love to help you with your house roof cleaning needs.


Moss is bad for your roof, whether it’s made of cedar shakes, tiles, metal or composite shingles. Moss is wet by nature, and constant moisture on your roof can cause extensive rot. This can lead to holes, thin spots and eventually roof leaks. Roof moss also grows steadily and can work its way underneath your roof panels, pushing them up and causing damage to your roof. A mossy roof can even reduce your roof life by up to 50%!

When you notice moss growing on your roof, you should get it removed immediately. Our roof demossing services are the best in Abbotsford. Not only does it improve the aesthetic value of your property, but cleaning moss off roof saves you thousands of dollars by avoiding frequent roof replacements and expensive repair costs.

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